Typically step 1 is to file with the North Dakota Secretary of State registration unit (Telephone: 701-328-4284 or 701-328-2900) to qualify your company or to register your d/b/a name if different than your full personal name.

North Dakota Secretary of State General Web site: http://www.nd.gov/sos/businessserv/registrations/index.html

Our service fee to file an application from email, fax, US mail, or overnight at the Secretary of State is typically $20 @ document and we tell our clients if we walk up to the counter to file, that it take between 1-5 days for routine service. If clients US mail application in themselves, it can take the Secretary of State typically twice as long or 10 to 15 days to process US mail, however, we need a valid reason for immediate filings as the Secretary of State is very busy and only has limited staff to process applications on a daily basis.


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