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Credit Card Service: This service is being provided because of our customers requests for it. All credit card transactions will include a handling fee to cover the expenses associated with credit card processing and so that we don’t have to raise our rates for the other customers that want to pay with cash, check, or money orders. In order to apply with regulations we will NOT be handling any credit cards. It will be up to each of our clients to submit there credit card payments online thru the use of this online form. We do not keep credit card numbers on file.

If you have any further questions use the contact us page and we will promptly answer your questions.

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Notes on how to apply payment if multiple invoices and multiple companies are being paid in one transaction.
Enter the amount you would like to pay to be applied to your account in our office.
Price: $0.00
Credit Card Companies charge a fee to use a credit card. This fee is used to cover those fees. Minimum of $5 and 5%
I understand that by signing and submitting this form that I consent to this one time payment including the “Convenience Fee To Use Credit Card”. I also understand that if I don’t select the right option for the convenience fee I will be charged the appropriate amount plus a $100 administrative fee.