US Bankruptcy Court For North Dakota

Bankruptcy Searches

All bankruptcy cases are handled in federal courts under rules outline in the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. ( Each of the US federal districts handle bankruptcy cases usually in a separate court since they have federal jurisdiction over all bankruptcy cases, you will not find any bankruptcy information using a state or county searches, nor criminal record searches. Federal law usually restricts reporting of bankruptcy information to 10 years. Our company will provide all information found in our searches and research based on your requirements.

Our company is able to provide bankruptcy searches in all 50 states quickly and efficiently.

  • Our clients usually request just the “docket” pages of found cases which usually includes all of the pertinent information for their needs.
    • What may be reported on a bankruptcy record search
      • Jurisdiction where record is recorded
      • Case and/or File Number
      • Date Filed
      • Parties Involved
      • Trustee
      • Type of bankruptcy (Chapter 7, Chapter 11, etc.)
      • Conditions and/or Summary of proceedings. (Docket)
      • Individual detailed documents can be provided along with any audio-recordings if they exist (additional fee) based on the findings located on the docket.


  • We charge $20 (per name, per state) plus a $1.00 a page.