Workforce Safety & Insurance

Typically step 2 is Workforce Safety 1-800-777-5033.

Use one of the following applications:

Application for Insurance
Verification of Non-Employment for North Dakota Employer
Verification of Non-Employment for Out-of-State Employer

Any employer whose employment results in significant contact with North Dakota or hires a North Dakota resident to work in ND, shall acquire coverage with WSI. If your workers’ compensation carrier from your home state extends coverage into North Dakota, you must provide proof of coverage. The exception to this requirement is if your home state has a reciprocal agreement with WSI. If your home state will not provide coverage into ND and you have significant contact within ND, you must secure coverage with WSI. An employer has significant contacts when; any employee earns or would have been expected to earn 25% or more of their gross annual wage or income from that employer for services rendered within ND; or 25% of the employer’s gross annual payroll is payable to employees for services rendered in ND. If you open a workers’ compensation policy with WSI, all payroll generated in ND must be reported.

Our service fee to deliver or file an application is typically $20 @ doc however on applications for insurance it maybe $60 as usually the application requires many telephone calls back and forth before it is filed.